3 HOT HR Technologies and the Companies That Do Them Best

3 HOT HR Technologies and the Companies That Do Them Best

3 HOT HR Technologies and the Companies That Do Them Best

May 19, 2019

3 HOT HR Technologies and the Companies That Do Them Best

HR professionals are bombarded with new and interesting technology that boast ways to improve HR efficiencies. It’s hard to tell the difference between a flash in the pan software and a solution that provides long-term results for HR professionals, their departments and their organizations. At SwiftCheck we work with a lot of different clients, partners, software companies and are always reviewing technology that can improve talent acquisition.

We believe to have found 3 HR technology offerings, and the companies that do them best, that will provide long-term solutions for your organization.

Technology Solution: Recruiting CRM

Client Relationship Manager, or CRM, is typically synonymous with sales and marketing professionals. So why do sales and marketing people get a database full of people that they can contact, but HR can’t? Recruiting CRM’s are simple; a useful software that allows HR professionals be proactive about engaging the best talent.

The company that does it best: Beamery offers HR professionals the ability to create talent networks, engaging emails with custom landing pages, and converting features that create talent pools for future job postings. Users can now have a list of engaged and qualified candidates available for the job listings.

Learn more about Recruiting CRM at www.beamery.com

Technology Solution: Gig Recruiting

The gig economy is filled with companies such as Uber for ride sharing, Airbnb for property rental and TaskRabbit to hire someone to put your Ikea furniture together. It was only a matter of time before the gig economy became part of the human resource industry. Gig recruiting is an easy way for people to make extra money by referring qualified candidates for posted jobs. The individuals earn money when the referred candidate applies, interview and /or lands the job. Some job postings can offer up to $3,000 for placing a candidate!

The company that does it best: Preferhired offers strong commissions, an easy to use system for employers and a fast start-up process for its gig recruiting users. Its users can easily share job opportunities with qualified candidates leading to HR recruiters having access to great candidates without lifting a finger!

Learn more about Gig Recruiting at www.preferhired.com

Technology Solution: Applicant Text Messaging & Applicant Portal

Some research has stated that Americans send roughly 9,372,000,000,000 (9.3+ trillion) text messages every year. Additionally, text message response rates can be 209% higher than phone call response rates.  At SwiftCheck we have even experienced voicemail statements saying “please text me instead of leaving a voicemail”. Modern candidates want all of their required job search to be accessible on their phones.

The company that does it best: SwiftCheck offers a SwiftScreen technology which allows clients to send text messages directly to candidates that direct them to complete information for their background screening application. This technology allows the candidate to complete all of their information on their mobile device as well. Additionally, candidate can access an Applicant Portal which displays the status of their report reducing the amount of follow-up requests to the HR manager on the status of their background check report.

Learn more about Applicant Text Messaging at www.swiftcheckscreening.com

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