Professional License Background Check

Ensure that a candidate has the right credentials for the position with a professional license background check for employment screening purposes.

Professional License Background Check

A Professional License Backgorund Check report is useful in conducting background checks that are related to industry certifications.

Core benefits to a Professional License Verification

• Verification that a candidate, not only attended, but completed a license or certification program.

• Confirmation of a license or certification can protect organizations from legal issues.

• Verifies date received, status, standing, expiration date and all other license / certification information.

Why is this important to the employment background screening process?

Whether the need for a Professional License Background Check is a legal requirement such as registered nurse license verification or to verify a candidate’s certification or license, this verification search provides authentication. A Medical License Verification, such as a Registered Nurse License Verification or a Nurse License Lookup, confirm license status, designation number and date of issue / expiration. This verification offers regulatory compliance and greater liability protection to industries such as healthcare, safety, security, technology and energy / nuclear. SwiftCheck ensures trade school, medicate school, graduate degrees, doctorate degrees and business school certifications. Learn how SwiftCheck can provide the right Professional License Background Check for your organization.

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