Constant Monitoring Criminal Records

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Constant Monitoring

SwiftCheck Alert is a constant monitoring background check service that monitors employee records in real-time and notifies organizations of new criminal charges, infractions, or license expiration.

Beyond a pre-employment background check, employers are left in the dark of future misdeeds that an employee has made beyond their initial offer date. Organizations, unknowingly, are continuing to staff individuals who now have an entirely new background check report.

Workplace Safety and Risk Mitigation

Our workplace safety programs focus on constant criminal monitoring of employees. SwiftCheck performs continuous employee monitoring by executing a criminal record search on the entire organization’s workforce. We help keep your workforce’s information current to help reduce corporate risk and workplace safety.  Common Workplace Safety and Risk Mitigation constant criminal record searches include:

• County Criminal Search

• Sex Offender

• Security Watch List

Why is this important to the employment background screening process?

Whether it’s an industry in healthcare ensuring that all of their professionals have up-to-date licenses or an organization that needs to continue proof of their accreditation, ongoing employee screening programs can help ensure accurate insight into your workforce. Common Industry and Job Specific ongoing employee screening programs include:

• Professional License Verification

• Healthcare Sanctions Checks

• OSHA Qualifications

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