Tenant Background Checks

Protect your rental property investment by performing a Tenant Background Check on renters.

Tenant Background Check

Tenant Background Checks provide a piece of mind for landlord and property management companies alike by performing a detailed Tenant Background Screening report.

Core benefits to Tenant Background Screening

• Validate who your renter is, not who they say they are by accessing comprehensive tenant screening data.

• Mitigate the risk of expensive property damage and expensive evictions.

• Access data such as credit check reports to ensure that rent will be paid in a timely manner.

• Authenticates the legal identity of the candidate in question.

• Prevent liability and protect other tenants from undesirable neighbors.


Why is this important to the Tenant Background Screening process?

Costs can range, but lost rent, legal fees, property repair and cleaning can potentially cost property managers thousands of dollars for a single eviction. Tenant Background Checks are important for landlords because they assist to ensure that they are selecting reliable tenants who are better suited to pay rent on time, take care of the property and not cause disturbances. A Tenant Background Check can reveal information about a tenant’s rental history, credit check report, criminal record, past evictions, employment history and landlord reference checks helping landlords make informed decisions to reduce the risk of potential negative impacts on your properties.

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