Workable Background Check

Workable Background Check Integration

We keep it simple. A no-hassle Workable background check integration.

(SwiftCheck utilizes an expert third-party integration company with over 23 years of experience for all ATS / HRIS integrations.)

Workable Background Check Integration

SwiftCheck provides a pre-built integrated Workable background check integration to users. This Workable integration allows background check information to the Workable ATS. From the standard Workable background check integration to a complex Workable ATS integration solution, SwiftCheck offers an integration that fits your organization’s needs. Our Swift Suite technology solutions allow better employment background screening turnaround times and cost-saving features without ever having to leave the Workable interface.

About Workable

Workable offers a comprehensive suite for hiring and employee management, making HR tasks simpler and more efficient. It’s designed to help companies of all types manage their recruitment and HR processes in one place.

Workable Recruiting is a world-class Applicant Tracking System that’s helped make more than 1.5 million hires. It’s a game-changer for the hiring process with AI, a full sourcing suite, and top-tier integrations with major job boards. It speeds up hiring by automating routine tasks like scheduling, emailing, and texting – helping hiring teams focus on finding and hiring the best. A full recruitment reporting center makes for informed decision-making at every point of the hiring process.

Workable has helped over 27,000 companies hire all over the world, becoming one of the most reputable names in HR tech.

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