Jazz Background Check

Jazz Background Check

Jazz Background Check

We keep it simple. A no-hassle Jazz ATS background check integration.
(SwiftCheck utilizes an expert third-party integration company with over 22 years of experience for all ATS / HRIS integrations.)

Jazz ATS Background Check

SwiftCheck Screening provides a pre-built integrated JazzHR background check to users. This Jazz integration allows background check information to the JazzHR ATS. From the standard Jazz background check integration to a complex JazzHR ATS integration solution, SwiftCheck offers an integration that fits your organization’s needs. Our Swift Suite technology solutions allow better employment background screening turnaround times and cost-saving features without ever having to leave the JazzHR interface.

About JazzHR

JazzHR is powerful, user-friendly recruiting software built to help growing businesses find and hire the right talent, fast. Our affordable solution replaces spreadsheets and inbox recruiting with an intuitive applicant tracking system that streamlines the entire candidate-to-employee journey. Since 2009, we’ve helped 350k+ HR professionals source 75 million+ qualified candidates. Today, 6,500+ businesses like the Seattle Seahawks, TED Conferences, and Pure Barre use JazzHR to help build tomorrow’s greatest companies.

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