Employment History Check

Stay informed about your candidate’s previous employment history for employment screening purposes.

Employment Background Screening

An Employment Background Screening Report is useful in conducting a comprehensive employment history check.

Core benefits to an Employment Background Screening

• Validating previous employment history provided by the candidate.

• Ensuring that the candidate has the exact experience that is noted on their application / resume.

• Confirms questions surrounding dates of employment, salary, rehire eligibility and more.

Why is this important to the employment background screening process?

An employment history check is an initial measure of trust. Misrepresentations and lies from a candidate’s application / resume can be exploited with an employment background screening report. SwiftCheck’s Employment History Check provides information about the candidate such as: dates of employment, salary, job title, work experience, reason for leaving and rehire eligibility. Past performance can be used as a key indicator of future performance and by reviewing past employment data, your organization is aided in making a key hiring decision. Work experience and character traits can also be revealed while reviewing a candidate’s employment history report.

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